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Now introducing the brand spankin’ new How To EDC forums! We are the Unofficial Electric Daisy Carnival forum.

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We don’t want to be just another rave forum. We want to build an awesome online community where other EDC Fanatics, like ourselves, can share experiences, advice, tips, and crazy party pics with each other.

EDC has grown so big in the past 10 years. This isn’t an annual phenomena anymore secluded to the West Coast.  This music festival is happening 4-6 times a year in various cities around the US including its territories.

Electric Daisy Carnival Forum

It’s about time that the Electric Daisy Carnival has a home forum specifically for its fans.

With that said, our new forum is where you want to go to get immediate feedback and answers to your questions for your respective EDC music festival.

Through email, many of you have been asking us about the best places to meet up with other ravers before Electric Daisy Carnival.  Now you can create your own pre-edc meetup in your respective city’s EDC forum.

EDC Las Vegas | EDC Orlando | EDC Puerto Rico

EDC Chicago | EDC New York

The Hub

Another big question people email us about is room sharing. We put together something we call The HUB. The Hub is essentially our classifieds section. Here you can arrange room sharing with other cool ravers and you can buy/sell anything rave related in our marketplace.

Can’t make it to the last day of EDC? Now you can sell your ticket and arrange for a meetup privately on our forum.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur like the guys and gals from Electric Laundry, feel free to promote your gear and items in our forums too.

There is seriously something for everybody. Sign up today and rule the forums while it’s new and growing!


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This site is ran by 2 Electric Daisy Carnival fanatics. You will find that a lot of our articles have a frugal or money conscious twist to them. That's because we are both ridiculously broke. After experiencing a few EDCs, we believe we have found the best formula to help you fully enjoy your experience without paying an arm and a leg.

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