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Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando is quickly approaching and NOW is the time to start booking those hotels before the rates skyrocket! Well, we know where you’re coming from and we know where all the deals are at to crash with your friends for EDC Orlando.

So you just spent a $100 a day to attend EDC Orlando. Time to stretch that dollar for your hotel stay because frankly, you’re not really going to care where you are after partying 8+ hours with your favorite artists. Lets get on with it!

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EDC Orlando Hotels:

Orlando Grand Hotel You’re not going to get a deal better than this. For the $25 price of a 1 bedroom, it’s like you’re splitting a room with friends, except you can get your own space. Now if you do end up crashing with a group, it only gets cheaper and as long as people are ok with sleeping on floors, then have at it! There’s free wifi as well as free parking for you drivers out there. EDC Orlando is only 3 miles away. Note: Use the link above to get the $25 “run of house rate”. What this means is that when you check in you basically get the best room that is available. If there is an unbooked suite, then you get a suite for $25 a night! No guarantees though, but you will get a 1 bedroom at the very least.

Orlando Centroplex Travelodge Get some decent room at the Travelodge Orlando Downtown Centroplex. The average rate per night here is $50 and it’s a tad closer to EDC Orlando at 2.7 miles away. Free wifi and free parking is also included. One thing that does set this place apart is the FREE BREAKFAST at the on site restaurant! Score another win for you hungry partiers. The free breakfast conveniently starts when EDC ends. However, be warned! If you plan on crashing with a whole group of friends, the free breakfast is limited to 2 per room.

Days Inn Orlando Downtown This hotel has the advantage of offering 2 double beds versus the single beds from the previous 2 and at $60 a night it also includes free wifi, free parking and free continental breakfast. With the free breakfast being a “continental” style, it will be easier to sneak in your whole group unlike the Travelodge since you can just walk in and grab a bagel or some coffee. The breakfast is not as good, but it is unlimited. It is also the closest hotel to EDC Orlando at 2.5 miles away.

Got hotel deals to share? Tell us in the comments!

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