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EDC Orlando

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It looks like Electric Daisy Carnival is coming back to Florida!  There have been whispers around the community that it would be coming back but there has never been a certainty to it actually happening.   Therefore, I am proud to announce that it IS going to happen.  As to when, continue reading.

This Is How We Know

Last Tuesday (July 31, 2012), HTG Events held a short meeting at 7PM at The Abbey looking for promoters within the Orlando, Florida area.  The event was open to LOCAL promoters only.

The Topic:  Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando

Insomniac is assembling their promotion team to ensure that the EDC 2012 tour continues stronger than ever.  Coming off a major win in Las Vegas with a record attendance of 300,000 attendees, it’s important that EDC gets their promotions correct for Orlando.

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The History of EDC in Orlando

The carnival came strolling into town for the very first time on May 27th, 2011 at Tinker Field.  It was a two day event marking the first time an electronic music festival has been hosted Orlando for over 20 years.  As for Insomniac Events, this was also their first thrown event east of the Mississippi River.

The skies were clear and the sun loomed along the horizon for over three weeks before EDC weekend arrived in Orlando last year.  There was no sign of rain and it looked like it was going to be an EPIC weekend.  And just like the winds that mysteriously showed up the 2nd day at Las Vegas Motor Speedway that caused EDC 2012 to shut down for the night, the rain came pouring down.

The rain kept falling and falling.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a slight drizzle.  It was intense tropical storm without the crazy winds.  The city and organizers were not prepared for this.  Music festival goers that tried to escape to their cars for shelter were shocked to find out that there was no re-admittance to Tinker Field.  There was nowhere to go but stand in the rain.  Check out this video.

When Is EDC Orlando?

The bad news is that we are not entirely sure yet as the exact dates are yet to be determined.  Rumors say that it’s going to be the weekend of November 9th through the 11th.  The push out of late summer and into fall helps eliminate any possibility of the afternoon thunderstorms associated to the region.

The good news is that if you want to promote for the event and want to know more information, you can sign up right here.

The Original EDC 2011 Lineup

1st Day

Tiesto | Afrojack | Dirty South | Gabriel & Dresden | Chris Lake | Funkagenda | Joaquin Bamaca | Crespo | Pressure

2nd Day

Paul Van Dyke | Benny Benassi | Ferry Corsten | Markus Schulz | Morgan Page | Filo & Peri | David Solano | Kevin Focus | Justin Faze

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