What To Do Before, During and After EDC Week


Now that Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas is officially sold out, it’s finally time to tend to the other details of your total EDM and EDC experience. Let’s face it… EDC Las Vegas is SO FREAKIN HUGE, people from all over the world come to attend.

It makes sense that if this is your first time in Las Vegas, or perhaps the US, you’re staying a bit longer to take in everything Vegas has to offer. And even if this is your tenth time to Las Vegas, things are changing so fast we’ve got the crash course to get you up to speed!

The week of EDC Las Vegas is being dubbed “EDC Week”… and this is due to the massive amounts of catering and tailoring the resorts, pools, bars, and clubs will be doing for all of us Electric Daisy Carnival fans.

There is going to be so much EDM/EDC vibe everywhere in Vegas you can seriously almost enjoy EDC nonstop. I say “almost” only because nothing can really compare to being around 100,000+ ravers at the actual EDC Las Vegas.

What To Do Before, During, and After EDC

Still figuring out what to do in Las Vegas? Let’s start with the daytime activities.

Daytime Activities

In 2011, the Los Angeles Times hinted at Las Vegas overtaking Ibiza as the electronic dance music capital of the world. Now in 2013, many of the most popular EDM artists hold regular residencies all across the Las Vegas Strip and from all angles, Las Vegas looks to be winning the EDM race.

It’s almost ridiculous, yet kinda cool, that almost every weekend I have a choice to either see:

You can’t get that opportunity ANYWHERE and these are only the daytime options. All these locations are categorized as Dayclubs or Pool Parties because they all occur during the daytime hours and, you guessed it, outdoors at the pool.

These guys are the “regulars” and if you want nonstop EDM during EDC week, definitely check these places out. If you’d like to see more of Vegas during this time, there’s also tons of other places to check out that don’t require an entrance fee.

You can grab a Fat Tuesday yardstick daiquiri and roam the Strip a la Calvin Harris Bounce style:


Make sure to check out the iconic fountains at the Bellagio as well as the Eiffel Tower at Paris and the Volcano at The Mirage. They make great picture spot landmarks and goals as you navigate the Strip.

On the inside of the hotels are the conservatory at Bellagio and Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian. These are generally nice places to hang out and spend some relax time, in case you’re saving your energy for EDC later on at night.

Nighttime Activities

What the heck? Shouldn’t we all be at EDC during the night? Technically, YES, but it’s not uncommon to spend part of your night on the strip and spend the rest of it at EDC or vice versa depending on what DJ’s you want to catch at EDC. Chances are if your favorite DJs aren’t playing at EDC on a certain night… they’ll be playing on the Strip anyway.

So who do you want to see?

Just a heads up, I condensed the artist list to 4-5 of the most popular DJ’s per venue so that you don’t spend the next hour reading through DJ names. Just click the links to see full DJ lists and the days they’re playing.

There is no other place you’ll find this selection on a weekly basis. You better believe me when I say that Las Vegas is the EDM capital of the world! So much so, there’s even talks about having 2 Electric Daisy Carnival Festivals for 2014… *crosses fingers*

Now, if you are looking for non EDM-related evening entertainment:

Phew, that concludes this list of what to do in Vegas.Tell your friends and start planning your trip!

There’s so much to do in Las Vegas, I’m sure I missed some of your favorites. What are YOUR recommendations?


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    Just wanted to say I love ur site! It’s dope! I actually read what you post when I get notifications to my email. I almost never do that. ActuallyNEVER do that. Lol. so stoked for edc!!!! 43 days!!!!


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      Thanks man! We appreciate your comments.


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