What to Wear to EDC (Female Edition) – Part 1 – Tops


In the next few weeks we are going to focus on rave outfits because during this time of the year, ravers from all over are trying to decide what to wear to EDC.

I know this because the girls that I go with usually start brainstorming on what the “group theme” is going to be.

Don’t believe me?

Well, here’s a screenshot of a message in a Facebook group we created to coordinate our EDC Las Vegas trip.

Once we decide on a theme, the girls in my group start piecing together or begin creating their EDC outfits.

And that’s when the MAGIC happens!

They grab a bra and bikini bottom.  They add a few sequins here and a few rhinestones there… Then out of a nowhere, they’ve created a Cinderella-esque inspired EDC outfit.

If you’re the creative type and can make your own outfit, great! However, this is not a DIY EDC outfit guide.  That article is coming soon.

With that said, we will be talking about what to wear to EDC in general.

And here we go….

It All Starts with Weather

First and foremost, you need to know what the weather is going to be like.  It varies from host city to host city.  The weather at EDC Las Vegas will obviously be hotter than the weather at EDC Chicago.  So you should dress accordingly.

Here are the Temperatures to Expect:

EDC Chicago (May) –  Average High 69°F / Average Low 49° F

EDC Las Vegas (June) – Average High 100°F / Average Low 69° F

EDC New York (May) – Average High 71°F / Average Low 55° F

EDC Orlando (November) – Average High 78°F / Average Low 57° F

EDC London (July) – Average High 73°F / Average Low 55°F

Keep in mind, just because it’s colder in Chicago than Las Vegas, it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice in the style and design department.  It just means you should really consider one option vs another. And that option can be the only factor between being warm and freezing your cute little ass off.

What I mean by that is that you’ll likely see a higher percentage of ladies wearing hoodies and fuzzies (legwarmers) in Chicago and New York simply because the weather simply calls for it.

So dress accordingly and check the weather leading up to the music festival to ensure your edc outfit still makes sense.

Where to Buy EDC Outfits

If you want to go premade, you can purchase a “rave ready” outfit from any of the online rave stores below:

If you want to shop local, that’s easy too.  You can go to Hot Topic, American Apparel, Forever 21, etc.  There are also a bunch of EDM / Rave boutique shops popping up around the world too.  An example would be Better Than New in Las Vegas.

Once again, there is no dress code.  Anything goes.

How to Put Together an EDC Outfit

The best outfits always match their environment.  Raves are no exception.  Under the bright rays of black lights, you have droves of ravers in an anything goes costume party only tied together through hypnotic music and color coordination.

It’s important that you understand the colors.  Anything bright goes.  Think dayglow.  Think UV-sensitive.  Think fluorescent. To bring it down another level, think grade school highlighters.

Let’s start off with a video that will give you a general overview on outfits.  Then we’ll break it down into categories afterwards.

Remember, there are no outfit requirements whatsoever.  However, if you want to dress and fit in with your environment, here are our suggestions.

EDC Outfits are comprised of FIVE main parts: Tops, Bottoms, Leg Covering (optional), Headpieces (optional), and Kandi / Accessories.


EDC Outfits

We are going to start with tops because it is generally the centerpiece of all EDC Oufits.  As a girl, you have plenty of options to choose from.  Bikini tops, traditional bras, sports bras, tank tops, graphic tees, tube tops, halter tops, crop tops, one strap shirts, pasties, etc.

// Custom Bras

One of the most common tops you will see at raves are Custom Bras.  You can purchase customized handmade tops from online boutiques like Electric Laundry, LAS Creations, Rave Babe Detroit, and countless of vendors on Etsy.  Like we mentioned above, you can always make your own as well.

Girls tend to wear custom bras at music festivals because they are unique and original.  The likelihood of someone else wearing the exact same outfit is slim-to-none.

Electric Laundry Custom Bra - Snow White Las Creations Custom Bra (2)

Above Photos: Electric Laundry on the left and Las Creations on the right. 

// Hoodies and Jackets

If you’re not bringing a spirithood, it’s always good to bring a light hoodie or jacket to raves.  Often times you go with the idea that you’ll be working up a good sweat with all that dancing.  However, we often forget that there is always a down time.  Especially at some of the colder venues like EDC London, EDC Chicago, and EDC New York; you’re probably going to need a jacket around 1 AM when your entire group decides to do a bathroom break while it’s bloody cold.

Yellow Hoodie - AA So So Happy Hoodies Hello Kitty Hoodie Puff Rave Hoodie

Styling Tips For Tops

Wear layers.  When you arrive to EDC, you’ll probably be cold.  As you dance the night away, you can peel off one layer at at time.  Not only that, you can get creative with it.

Where a bright bra with a complimentary sheer / mesh tank or fishnet top.  The two colors will play off of each other and will look great under a blacklight.

Don’t psyche yourself out.  If you’re not comfortable showing skin or your belly area, then cover up. In the end, wear whatever you want to wear.  Those that spend their time judging other people for what they wear don’t belong at raves anyhow.  It’s not PLUR.

When all else fails, wear a tank top. It should cost you less than $10.

YOUR TURN: Have any other tips for tops?  Share them below.  If you know any new ravers trying to figure out what to wear to EDC, please do us a favor and share this with them.  Both them and us will be very thankful for it.




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Author: Chance Reyes


  • Lila
    March 15, 2013 @ 11:52 AM

    Thinking about wearing a fluffy tail for the event, that goes along with my outfit, does it count as a plush item?? Because I know plush dolls and backpacks aren’t allowed but are tails allowed? Im planning to make it myself, but I dont want to make it if they’re not allowed.



    • admin
      March 15, 2013 @ 5:49 PM

      Hi Lila,

      I think you’re going to be okay with that. Insomniac does not want this: NO Stuffed Animals or Dolls (Including Plush Backpacks). A tail is not a backpack or a stuffed animal or doll.

      Plus, I have done a lot of research for you and look what I found: EDC Outfit Tail

      That picture was from EDC 2012 Las Vegas. She has a tail!!!

      – M


      • Lila
        March 15, 2013 @ 10:53 PM

        Oh wow, this is great news, thank you so much!! :) I hope you keep on writing, your covers are a great help!!


  • On Cue
    December 1, 2013 @ 1:24 PM

    You guys have great edc outfit advice!


  • Lula Bella
    April 1, 2014 @ 1:25 AM

    thanks gals, that was awesome:) xox


  • Mr Raver
    December 19, 2014 @ 5:07 AM

    I like the hoodies and jackets best :) This is good advice, especially about the weather. I’ve been to many EDCs and wearing something comfortable that fits the weather is important to stay alive! There are also many brilliant rave outfit ideas on what to wear to EDC, such as LED bras or light up hoodies or rave gloves


  • Sophia
    January 31, 2015 @ 7:32 PM

    Ok, so I have a unique issue. I’ve had breast reconstruction, and I have no nipples. I wanted to wear body paint. But I am worried about breaking any dress code (I know there’s not one, but?!?!!) Advice?


  • Bhean Gorm
    February 12, 2015 @ 11:48 AM

    What is the policy on wings? Like, fairy wings or angel wings


  • Krystal Febles
    April 29, 2015 @ 5:34 PM

    Hey, my best friend and I found shirts that said partners in crime and had a gun on it. I don’t think its violent or vulgar but I would rather be safe than sorry. would that be allowed?


  • Fest Guru
    July 6, 2015 @ 11:36 PM

    Check out some more rave bras and girls superhero rave outfits here: https://www.festguru.com/twoe-superhero-rave-outfits-girls


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