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Why buy EDC tickets when you can win them for FREE!?!

That’s right.

As we journey down the road to EDC Las Vegas, we see more and more companies and organizations enticing potential customers with giveaways and contests for the chance of brand exposure.

Being constantly broke myself, I’m so happy that they do this.  If you’re like me, I specifically look for opportunities to get free or cheap EDC tickets whenever I have the chance.  Sadly, they will never be found cheaper than pre-sale prices.

I’m not even gonna lie.  This is probably borderline lame to some of y’all, but I even sign up for these giveaways AFTER I purchase my tickets!  I figure that if I win, I can always sell or give away my tickets to someone that couldn’t afford to pay for them at full price.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty.

Win EDC Tickets

Each contest and giveaway has it’s own rules and regulations.  I highly suggest you go to the page in the URL I provide for more details.  For the most part, all contests involving EDC tickets are 18 & older ONLY.  That is because there is an age limit requirement on all Electric Daisy Carnivals.

Also please take the time to read our disclaimers on the bottom.  We discuss things you need to be leery about when entering these giveaways and contests.

Here are the contests and giveaways organized by prize:

Win Tickets to EDC Las Vegas, EDC New York, EDC Chicago, OR EDC Orlando

  • Company:
  • Where
  • Contest End: N/A
  • How To Enter: There are 2 ways to enter.  Go to RaveReady’s Facebook page and find the post that looks like this:

Win Any Location EDC Tickets

Share the image embedded within the post OR click on to enter.  One entry per person.  US Only and, of course, 18 or older only.

Win 2 VIP Tickets to EDC Las Vegas 2013

  • Company: DJz
  • Where
  • Contest End: 4/30/13
  • How to Enter: Enter their mailing list at the above address.  Get extra entries by “Liking” their Facebook page OR Tweeting the URL above and tagging @DJZ
  • H2EDC Comments: This contest appears to be very legit.  DJz is an EDM site with great content.

Win EDC Las Vegas Tickets

Win One 3 Day General Admission Ticket to EDC Las Vegas 2013

  • Company: Electronica Life
  • Where
  • Contest End: 6/20/13
  • How to Enter: You receive an entry simply by opting into their email newsletter.  Enter their mailing list by clicking the above address or click here to join.  You must complete the sign up by confirming your email in your email inbox.
  • Company: INFINIDI Movement
  • Where:
  • Contest End: 6/13/13
  • How to Enter: You receive an entry by entering a raffle at the link above.  You can join using your Facebook account or through Email.  You can earn an additional entry by Following @JuniorxManson on Twitter after your official submission using the contest software INFINIDI Movement provides.
  • Company: Be The Rave
  • Where
  • Contest End: 6/13/13
  • How to Enter: You receive an entry by entering a raffle at the link above.  You can join using your Facebook account or through Email.  You can earn an additional entries by sharing the contest on FB, following @BeTheRave on Twitter, +1ing the link above on Google+, pinning the flyer on Pinterest,    and doing several other social media activities after the official submission using the contest software Be The Rave provides.
  • Ticket Proof: Be The Rave took the initiative to photograph the ACTUAL ticket up for grabs.  See it HERE.
  • H2EDC Comments: We love the fact they took a picture of the actual receipt for the ticket they are raffling away.  This appears to be a real contest.
  • Company: ClubOholics
  • Where:
  • Contest End: 4/19/13 and 6/20/13
  • 3 Ways to Enter: 1) Opt in with your personal information at the link above or by clicking here. 2) Facebook Like the post at the URL above AND name a headliner you would like to see on ClubOholics Facebook Fanpage. 3) Follow @ClubOholics on Twitter, tag a headliner you would like to see, AND add hashtags #ClubOholics #EDC2013 #LasVegas.
  • Organization: Insomniac Events
  • Summary: Insomniac has put together a marketing campaign targeted at colleges.  The campaign namely goes by “College Name” Invades EDC (e.g. UCLA Invades EDC).
  • Contest End: N/A
  • Available To: This contest is only applicable to students at the following campuses – UCI| ASU | CSUN | UCD | UCSB | CSUF | Pepperdine | UNLV | Cal Poly Pomona | UCR | UCB | UCLA | LMU
  • How To Enter: Go to the Contest tab on your schools respective College Invades EDC Facebook page.  Simply enter with your college assigned e-mail address along with answering a few short survey questions! Please note that YOU MUST ATTEND THE SCHOOL THAT YOU ARE ENTERING FOR – they will verify this information with the college assigned e-mail address that you enter.  All entries from students from different universities or random emails will be disregarded.

OVER – Win an EDC Hotel and Transportation VIP Package: 3 Night Stay and VIP Shuttle Service (Good for 4 people)

Win a Luxurious Penthouse Stay During EDC Weekend (For You and Up to 10 of Your Friends)

  • Company: Densea Life
  • Where
  • Contest End: N/A
  • How to Enter: Enter the contest by “Liking” Densea Life’s Facebook page.
  • H2EDC Comment: This is an odd contest because the Desea Life page itself does not tout the promotion.  The contest is being promoted by various community pages on Facebook (e.g. EDC 2012 Las Vegas).

Win a Custom Bra and Glitter Fluffies from Classy Rave Attire by Hali

  • Company: Classy Rave Attire by Hali
  • Where: Company Facebook Page
  • Contest End: When the page hits 2500 “Likes”
  • How to Enter: Enter the contest by “Sharing” the image shown below on her page.  You must use the built-in “share” button in order for it to count. “
  • Prizes:  There are 3 prize levels (1st, 2nd, and 3rd).  Each level has its own set of gifts.  Goodluck!

Classy Rave Attire

OVER – Win Fluffies from Beatzwear AND a Custom Bra from Electric Laundry

So what are you waiting for?  Start putting in your entries.  You can’t win if you don’t try.  Good luck!

DISCLAIMERS:  We are not associated with any of these companies above.  We deliberately left a few companies and individuals off this list because the contest itself looked shady or a silly attempt to gather your information with no intention of giving away anything.  There’s no regulatory agency that requires these companies to fulfill their end of the contest.  So enter with no expectations.   I’d probably even setup a separate SPAM email inbox for these contests if you don’t already own one.

YOUR TURN:  Do you know of any other EDM / EDC contests that we should know about?  Even better, have you won any of these contests before?

Please SHARE this with any of your friends that can’t afford to go.  They will thank you for it.

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One Comment

  • Kynsley Wollenberg
    March 29, 2013 @ 6:50 AM

    Hey everyone :)
    If you like EDC, check out this contest held by RelaXsonic. They’re giving 4 people Electric Forest tickets and also have tons of other prizes including a ticket to Summercamp music festival, gongs and bunk police test kits.

    Easy stuff like sharing their page, tweeting, etc. You have to have a Facebook to participate though.

    Relaxsonic is an amazing group that uses gongs to give a sonic massage to your mind and body. From first hand experience, its incredible. Check them out on youtube!

    Here’s the link to the contest!
    Good luck!


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